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Arm Warmers - LARGE - made from upcycled sweaters

Arm Warmers - LARGE - made from upcycled sweaters

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This is a pair of Arm Warmers handmade by me from Upcycled Sweaters. Every set I make is One-of-a-Kind and resplendent with that inescapable wonkiness that seems to flourish on all my creations. Perfection, smerfection.

Note that these are a little wider in the wrist and would be best suited for someone with larger hands.

There are generally One-Size-Fits-All unless noted in the description. Most of them contain Wool, unless otherwise stated.

Though they are as unique as snowflakes, they are sturdy little fellas. I still wear my first pair from 20 years ago! I hope they accompany you on many an adventure!

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